Volume 2, Resources 15: Wheelchair Etiquette, Radical Copyediting, Pandemic Roundup, and Stop Shoulding Yourself

Hi friends! My week has been filled with joy in the form of a fruit, specifically, a pluot (plum-apricot hybrid) that goes by the moniker “Flavor Grenades.” I’ve only gotten them from a specific stand at a specific farmer’s market (the one we go to every weekend) and this is the first I’ve had them since moving back to the Bay Area in 2018. I always seemed to miss when they were in season and I probably last had them in 2011 maybe?

They are firm and crunchy, super sweet and slightly tart. They are like candy. I feel like I am getting away with something when I eat one, because how can something this delightful be this silly little fruit?

I’ve had some new subscribers (hello there!) and it’s resource week! Every other week I share anywhere from two to many resources to help you work on yourself internally, to help you be a better member of society as an ally/accomplice to marginalized folks, or other resources that might help you improve your mood, mental health, relationships, etc.

Let’s get to it!

Resource #1: Wheelchair Etiquette Thread from Charlie Knight

As Charlie says at the beginning of their thread (below), “There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to interact with someone who is in a wheelchair. Knowing them benefits all involved.” If you click through to the thread, you’ll learn some really important things, first of which is do not touch someone’s wheelchair without permission. I appreciate that down-thread they put links to send them a tip. I learned some things, so I sent them a tip. I suggest that you do the same if you learn some things as well!

Resource #2: Radical Copyeditor by Alex Kapitan

“The concept of radical copyediting is based on the fact that language is not neutral.”

Via Radical Copyeditor About Page

I learned of this resource in 2018 through my work with Book Riot. Specifically, someone had shared Alex’s post “Update to Transgender Style Guide: Avoiding Invalidating Language Traps” which then lead me to Alex’s incredibly helpful and evolving “The Radical Copyeditor’s Style Guide for Writing About Transgender People.” You can download a pdf from that page and tip Alex as well.

Alex has so many great posts on the site, from a post about capitalizing the B in Black to thoughts on “person-first language” and using “diverse” as an adjective (this comes up A LOT in my day job). And there is so much more on the site! Truly an excellent resource.

Resource #3: Violet Blue’s Pandemic Roundup for 22 July 2021

I know I have shared Violet Blue’s Pandemic Roundup on this newsletter and I still cannot stress how much I appreciate it. It is getting increasingly more difficult to sort our relevant, useful Covid-19 information from all of the bullshit flying around. Yesterday’s roundup isn’t necessarily a happy read, but it’s important. It has news about the Gamma variant. And the Lambda variant. And J&J vaccine effectiveness. And vaccine breakthrough cases. And long-Covid, which terrifies me.

Resource #4: How to Stop ‘Shoulding’ Yourself via Shondaland

Yes, another article on self-compassion and all the things we tell ourselves we “should” be doing. It reminds me a bit of what I wrote in Volume 2, Issue 14: We Are Enough, but with a different spin.

“When [we’re] doing something because we feel we ‘should’ and it’s out of obligation, we also start to build resentment toward ourselves, other people, and situations that can lead to depression, a victim mentality, and all sorts of other [negative] things. When we’re doing things because we ‘should,’ we gloss over the idea of choice.”

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