Volume 2, Resources 12: Re-Entry Anxiety, the Tulsa Massacre, and Allyship

Hi friends! I don’t know about you, but the past couple of months I have had dozens and dozens of things I WANT to do and absolutely no motivation whatsoever to do them. I find that the things I’m most successful with are the things where other people have expectations, like this newsletter. I was frustrated that I haven’t found the right fix for this lull in productivity but then I realized, maybe it’s not something to “fix.” It’s not broken. It’s natural and healthy to have down time. I say this for other people and maybe someday I’ll accept it for myself too.

This week is a resource week, so we’ll get to it after I share this photo:

Resource #1: How to Handle Your Re-Entry Anxiety as the Pandemic Recedes by Elizabeth Bernstein

The pandemic is not over but people are getting vaccinated and things are opening back up. Because of that, anxiety is really high for some of us who have grown used to sheltering in place with our sanitation routines for company. This article from May 15 may be helpful for some of you who are dealing with this anxiety. It also seems to echo one of my newsletters from April about checking boundaries, so that feels reassuring. I think one of my main takeaways from the article that going out and being social is supposed to be fun and if that doesn’t sound fun for you [it’s okay to] stay home.

Resource #2: Code Switch’s Tulsa Massacre Episode and Reading List

Last week marked 100 years since the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. I had never learned about it in school and it’s likely that you didn’t either. NPR’s Code Switch podcast recently had an episode on the massacre and they have a list of recommended reading to go with it. Time to educate ourselves.

Resource #3: Short Video on Allyship

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