Volume 1, Issue 23: You Are Enough

Hi friends! If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! Otherwise, Happy Friday! I know that today can be especially hard for some of us so I’m going to post these up front:

I cannot possibly check on each and every one of you so please, reach out to one of the resources above if you need to. This world is a better place with you around. I don’t know each of you, but I imagine it’s also a sassier place with you around. Just a hunch.

Cranberry Orange Scones from this recipe

I know that many blogs, newsletters, and creators are off today and next Friday but I wanted to make sure you all got something today because maybe you could use the distraction. My initial plan was to talk about goals and resolutions because this is the last Friday of the year; however, I fully realize that could be a hard read for a lot of people so I’m going to send out a bonus issue tomorrow that is about 2021 goal setting and my new year’s traditions. It will be clearly marked and you can decide if you want to read it or not.

I am not going to force goal setting on anyone. For me, goal setting is a way to add structure when I so often feel adrift. It also gives me things to look forward to, which is something I know I need in my life for my mental health. If you are looking for goals around weight or exercise, then this is not the newsletter for you at any time of year.

But right now? At the end of 2020? You are here and reading this and honestly, that’s enough. If you actually reached any of the goals you set at the beginning of the year, that’s great. If you didn’t but you survived, that’s also great. Because many people didn’t. There have been so many losses this year. Lives. Jobs. Homes. Loved ones. I feel like at the end of the Hunger Games trilogy when everyone’s gone through hell and lost so much and yeah we’ve survived so far but there was such a great cost and we’re not going to be the same.

But we’re here to fight another day and that is no small feat. We’ve made it through every bad day, every meltdown, every Zoom where we try to keep our shit together, every fractured relationship because we’ve found out our loved ones love white supremacy more than they love us.

We may be worse for the wear, but we’re here. YOU’RE here. And I’m so grateful for you. Knowing that so many of you read this newsletter keeps me going and brings me amounts of joy that I cannot put into words.

If your only goal for 2021 is to make it through, that is enough. YOU are enough. You do not need to lose your pandemic weight. Or any weight. You do not have to write a novel. You do not have to do more, more, more. You do not have to grind. You do not have to make any resolutions at all. We have enough demands on our time, sanity, and spell slots without adding to the mix.

But if setting goals is helpful and you want some goal setting tips and advice, another issue is coming out tomorrow. I will also be providing some of my new year’s traditions.

Thank you for being here. If this is the last newsletter of the year you read from me, then I hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy new year!

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